Our Packages

You will receive professionally created DVDs with features you would expect to see on a commercial movie DVD.
  • Opening Highlight Clip
  • Custom Motion Menus with Graphics
  • Chapter Markers for fast access to your Chapters
  • Scene / Chapter Menu
  • Custom label Printed on the DVD - no paper labels to deteriorate
  • Custom made cover insert with hard case
And, features you will not find on commercial DVDs.
  • Demo mode (randomly plays one chapter and returns to the Main Menu)
  • Play All
  • Play All Continuously
  • All scanned photos are included on the DVD for use with any computer.
  • Any photographs taken are included on the DVD for use with any computer.
All Packages include:
  • Free Six Month Screening Room on LifeIncluded.com (with password access) - Your complete DVD on your very own area available world wide!
  • Eight DVDs in hard cases (can be individually personalized)
  • Master DVD with all recorded unedited footage.
We can customize your DVD any way you want it! With High Definition Video becoming more popular, choose our Blue Ray DVD option.

If you would like a brochure, we can send you one by using our Contact Us page or you can download one instantly.

Our packages start at $5,995.