It's Show Time!

Your Life Story...
  Take One! (slap)

You are playing the leading role!

On the day of your interview you will be treated like the VIP you are. We will help you feel relaxed and comfortable and to enjoy your leisurely stroll down Memory Lane.

As we set your "stage," we take every opportunity to make sure you are the main focal point.

Your Stage will be set with some of your memorabilia behind you and our lighting system will set the perfect mood. You will be seated in your comfortable interview chair while our professional interviewer prompts you through your Life Story.

As the lights come on and the cameras starts rolling, we know this is an unscripted conversation. If something you said didn't feel right, no problem, just try it again. We can fix just about anything in Post Production.

After your interview our team can scan, photograph, or videotape your photographs and other memorabilia so nothing leaves your home.*